This comic series was originally seen on the Evil Slutopia blog. It is authored and illustrated by the Evil Slut Clique themselves.

Many of these comics reinterpret allegedly real events (we admit that quite a few details have been changed both for fun and because we weren't there to witness all of the actual dialogue anyway).

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Group costumes are lame

Last week on I Read While He Plays Video Games, our favorite crazy couple couldn't agree on a couples Halloween costume. And now... they still can't.

Happy Halloween from the ESC!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What should we be for Halloween?

To be continued...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

This is about us!

Art imitates life imitates art...?

(read let me touch your face on Evil Slutopia)

To be continued...

To find out who these comics are really about, read our FAQ List

Monday, October 8, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

We've been getting a lot of comments and emails and questions about I Read While He Plays Video Games from people who enjoy the comics, people who don't, and even some who think they may have inspired it. So we've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for you all.

What is the real origin of this comic series?

Back in the day we knew a girl who would go on and on to us about her relationship. We thought some of the stories were... well... a tiny bit crazy. We always felt they'd be hilarious as a short story or comic strip. So one day we made a few sketches and used a little -okay a lot- of creative license (think Rock of Love editing) and put them away until the right time.

The Evil Slutopia blog was later created and we released the comics on the world (and by "the world" we mean all eleven or twelve of our readers). The response was overwhelming: You wanted more. And so we gave you more. And so I Read While He Plays Video Games was born.

Where does the title "I Read While He Plays Video Games" come from?

That my dearies, you'll just have to wait for! Stay tuned for a lot more from the Evil Slut Clique in the near future. Eventually all the secrets will be revealed. (It's really nothing too amazingly funny behind the name though, so don't get all excited and hyped up about it).

Is the original couple still together? Are they still as crazy?

We have no idea. We don't stalk her or anything so there's no way to actually know what's going on in her life today... nor do we care. Rumor has it they're still together, but who knows... it could all be a figment of her imagination. If they are, they're probably still a little crazy, but who isn't?

In all honesty, most of their so-called insanity was probably just normal neurosis and trust issues that are so common in new relationships. If they're still together, they've probably mellowed a bit and worked out the kinks... and if so they are likely much less entertaining. Luckily, we're here to let their fictional selves live on in eternal craziness.

Wait, "fictional selves"? I thought this comic was based on real people. So you're saying that all of the stories in the comic aren't 100% based on real events?

What we're saying is that "this comic is true and based on real people and events" is about equivalent to the producers of Laguna Beach/The Hills saying "the drama you are about to see is real". It's what we like to refer to as "realish".

We ran out of "true" stories so quickly that the strip soon went from being inspired-by-real-life to being completely and totally fictional, with us taking inspiration from various couples (including ourselves, only not that much, because we're totally sane).

Why do you hate this girl so much? Isn't the strip kind of mean?

We actually don't really hate "her" and we definitely didn't create this comic to be mean to anyone. We felt that these were stories that had incredible humorous potential and deserved to be told. So we told them in our own way. We had no idea what an amazing response we would get.

For some reason our readers have really resonated with I Read While He Plays Video Games. Maybe they see aspects of a friend or boyfriend in them; maybe they recognize parts of themselves in the characters; maybe they like it because they don't know anyone like that; maybe they just think it's funny.

Don't you worry that she'd be hurt if she found them?

No. Because we don't care about her. She was very hurtful to us in the past, but it was never our intention to be mean. Her past insanity was a great inspiration to us as writers, "artists" and satirists. We don't want her to be hurt or offended (our only intention is to entertain our readers) but truthfully we don't give a flying fuck how she feels about it.

Yes, some similarities are more than just coincidental, but these comics aren't really "about" anyone. "She" can only be offended if she chooses to be and if she chooses to acknowledge that she has a crazy side to her... like the rest of the human race.

But don't you think maybe... what you're doing here is... wrong?

Nope. All "artists" (be they writers, musicians, comedians, etc) use material from their lives. None of the true stories were told to us in confidence or in private. And you'll notice that we have never given any real names, identifying information or photos (and we never will). Even the cartoon depictions don't really look much like them, but that's might just be because we're sucky artists. These comics are a highly-exaggerated parody of all relationships (both romantic and platonic) and the issues that go with them.

Would you be mad if someone wrote comics about you?

No. We'd only be a little pissed if our real names or likenesses were used (well, we'd be more than just "pissed", we'd sue their asses). If any one out there was clever enough or talented enough to come up with a good comic about us, we'd be impressed. If it was actually funny, we'd laugh and if it was really great, we'd probably help them promote it. Who doesn't want to be immortalized on the Internet? In case you can't already tell from the blog, we're attention whores and we don't care what people think/say about us.

Although all of our stories that haven't already been written (and copyrighted) by us on Evil Slutopia that are actually funny/crazy enough to be made into a decent comic - will probably turn up as part of I Read While He Plays Video Games in the future anyway.
Will you guys make a comic about me? Or can I be in "I Read While He Plays Video Games"?
Um, sure you can. Email us some crazy stories about yourself and we'll talk. Of course, we maintain the right to twist as many details as possible.
So what's next for the comic?

Now that we know that people like the comic, we have plans to eventually have it grow and add more characters and more situations.

Do you guys really have to relate everything on your blog back to Rock of Love in some way?

Yes we do. It's in our bylaws, the Heather Chadwell Hair Clause of '07.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hair of Love

Everybody loves Rock of Love. We'd like to imagine that if the actual couple that inspired these comics was still speaking to us, they'd tell us that they too love Rock of Love. (And that Jes is pretty hot).

A few days later...