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Many of these comics reinterpret allegedly real events (we admit that quite a few details have been changed both for fun and because we weren't there to witness all of the actual dialogue anyway).

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Monday, March 31, 2008

The ESC's Legal Troubles

Yeah, okay "legal troubles" is such a heavy way to put it... Don't worry, nothing major is happening (yet) but we figured it was time to say something.

You may have noticed that we haven't posted a new comic on I Read While He Plays Video Games in a while. Well, there's a reason. We weren't going to say anything until we knew what was going to happen, but people have been asking for a new entry so we think we have to say something now. We have received word about a potential legal issue regarding the comics. Yeah, I know that sounds really vague, but we aren't really at liberty to give too many details at this point and feel it's in our best interest not to reveal too much about the lawsuit just yet.

But that is why the comic blog is going on hiatus, indefinitely.

Oddly enough, this was not the only legal issue we had to deal with recently. (Who knows, maybe it's karma?)

The other one was a copyright infringement issue with a Christian website that we are not going to name publicly. (We've alluded to this a few times this month - on the blog, the forum and on myspace - but didn't want to get into the details until it was settled). They had taken the liberty of reposting, word-for-word, both of our entire Gardasil articles, but did not link back to our blog or give us authorship credit. In fact they blatantly said they weren't going to because they didn't like our "morality or lack of it". We contacted the site director (and also their ISP and webhost) and luckily they apologized and took the material down without our having to resort to legal action. All settled, no problem.

However, the fact that we had two legal issues pop up back-to-back, got us thinking that the more popular the site becomes and the more our readership grows... the more open we are to legal problems. It would be great if the comic issue would resolve itself as easily as the Gardasil one has, but we have to be realistic about the fact that we might very well be going to court. So we think maybe it's time we got ourselves all "lawyered up".

That's where you all come in! Because you love us...

We're looking for anyone who:

  • has legal experience and would be willing to give us free advice or even volunteer your services
  • has some spare cash they'd like to donate to our unofficial "Save the ESC Legal Fund"
  • wants to write letters of support about the ESC and our websites
  • wants to send us sympathy presents to cheer us up (we will happily accept beer, chocolate, porn, and anything from our holiday gift wishlist)
  • wants to buy or loan us some non-revealing outfits we can wear if we do go to court (because you know we totally don't own anything non-slutty).
  • is just a big fan and love us and wants to tell us that, so we can stay optimistic
For details on how you can help (including our P.O. Box address and a link to our Paypal account) please check out this link for more information and do what you can to help and pass this info along if you want.

We'll keep you posted as things progress (and once we're able to actually give you real details) but have no fear, whatever happens the ESC will never stop blogging entirely. Our blogs just might suck for a while.

Thanks for reading, love you all!