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Many of these comics reinterpret allegedly real events (we admit that quite a few details have been changed both for fun and because we weren't there to witness all of the actual dialogue anyway).

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Lawsuit

An update on what's happening with our lawsuit....

Read Art Imitates Life Imitates Art and our FAQ list to find out who these comics are really are based on. And if you haven't figured out the joke by now...

APRIL FOOL'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The ESC is fine! No one is suing us! (Although the copyright violation issue with the Christian website was 100% true).

The real reason why we haven't posted a comic on I Read While He Plays Video Games lately is because we've been so busy writing about Women's History Month, the Election, and other "important stuff".

But don't worry - we have lots of new comics coming soon! You won't be disappointed.

For all of you who came here with the intention of helping, thank you so much for the support. We love you! But... we gotcha!

In case you found this page by accident... here's the original link to our prank...

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Most excellent.